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How its made

This page is dedicated to educate the consumer and emphasises on the importance of how I design and construct the furniture I offer. So you as the customer have a good idea of the craftsmenship and quality that goes into every peice that I make.

spline glue joint

Above is a veiw of the spline jointery I use in the construction of the table top.

table spline joint

Above is a veiw of the spline jointery between each board of the table top.

top glue up

Above is a veiw of clamps used to glue up the boards of the table top.

top ready for mounting

Above is a veiw of finished glue up of the table top.

under side of table

Above is a veiw of the underside and construction of the base for the table.

The image below is a stained top without any clear coating on it.

table stained and painted

Above shows the lengths I go to where I age the underside of the table to give that authentic look of a 100 year old table.

company board detail

Above shows the guides for the Company Board extention.

The image below is a flip up fake drawer with solid brass hinges and rare earth magnets to hold it in place.

company board fake drawercompany board

Above the Company Board is in the open position showing the alignment pins and solid poplar slides.

Below the Company Board is in the closed position, look how tight the board matches the end of the table.

company board installedturned leg base

Above is another veiw of the construction on an English Cottage style hand turned leg.

Below gives a good veiw of how the bench seats are constructed.

bench consructionfaux finish on bench

Above the faux finish effect really shows.

Below clearly shows how I use pocket screws to attach the seat top to the bench base.

pocket holes on benchconcept drawings

The following pictures are Sketchup drawings demonstraiting just one of the procedures I use to create custom furniture for my customers.

gothic bench hutch drawinghutch drawings 2hutch drawing 3

Above and below are just some drawings I did for a customer who loved that authentic shaker look and feel to their kitchen.

hutch table group drawing